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We are a company with young energy and vast experience in the field of online marketing and advertising.

Frans Van Hulle
Frans Van Hulle
CEO & Co-Founder

What I can say is that I am a serial entrepreneur, founded several companies and had a good exit with one of the companies in 2006, called Emexus, a mobile content provider. I am fascinated about somewhat everything regarding online marketing; I have been in the space for many years with multiple million dollar media budgets!

Important for me to mention is that I am not driven by making money only, I am a strong believer in the 3P model: People, Planet, Profit and in doing business in a sustainable way. I like to create, build long term relationships and my strength lies in business development and concept designing.

Think big, act small but not too small…
Bas Offers
Bas Offers
COO & Co-Founder

After receiving a master degree in Communication Science in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean to setup the online marketing department for a leading mobile content provider in New York City.

Few very successful years later and a backpack full of 8 years of experience in the online marketing industry, I was ready for a next step: to focus on the promotion of sustainable products and share my knowledge to help advertisers increase sales and ROI.

By running the office in our New York location, I am always in the middle of one of the media capitals in the world. This, and especially the people I work with and the projects that are lined up, highly inspire me in my daily work.